Cute Girl
Cute Girl

First Appearance

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Concubine, former peasant girl


Chancellor Dongalor


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Portrayed by

Remie Purtill-Clarke

The captured concubine of Dongalor. Her father was murdered by Dongalor in front of her in an attempt to get Mändoon to come out of hiding. While initially repulsed by Dongalor, she eventually falls for him, realizing that a life with him would always be exciting and interesting. However, she is later revealed to have the plague, and dies shortly after, which crushes Dongalor for a short period of time.

Weapons Inspector Lord Roderick takes an interest in her and sweeps her off her feet while at the same time degrading Dongalor. Later Dongalor sneaks into the palace where she is staying with Roderick and woos her back. Sadly as they are travelling back she contracts the plague and dies greatly upsetting Dongalor.